Sunday 10 January 2021

The world isn’t what you planned

2021 was to be filled with such purpose, such intention. I was starting the New Year with a determination to share my love of Stampin Up with the world, I was starting new classes, I was going to blog, and then it happened! Lockdown 3.0. So instead of getting everyone ready for school and work we were back to the world of uncertainty. I will admit it threw me, I wasn't sure how this lockdown would work.

During lockdown 1.0 I embraced the opportunity to be at home, to have my boys at home, to work in the garden, to take what felt like never ending sunkissed walks, I organised EVERYTHING! Hubby said if you stood still too long you ran the risk of me labelling you, in short I thirved. I took comfort that in a world of madness there was beauty all around me and I didn't have to look far to find it, the sheep nonchalantly grazing in the field outside my house, the friendly horse's I would fuss over on my daily walks with my gorgious Yorkshire Terrier Chewie, the trees slowly coming out of their winter slumber, the reflection of the tree's in the calm river, part of me didn't want it to end. 

Lockdown 2.0 came and new challenge needed, the never ending rain stopped the walks, the garden was entering it's winter slumber so this lockdown saw us tackle a unloved lounge which we had negelted for far to long, we painted, us! We hadn't painted in many years, we forgot the craziness of the world and made another area of our home cosy and welcoming, the truth is I now love that room more than any room in the house. We prepared for Christmas, we knew it wouldn’t be the same as previous years but we knew it would still be special and precious moments would be spent once again together.
So here we are lockdown 3.0, school is cancelled, exams are cancelled, I have a 15 year old floundering in uncertainty, hubby is back to working from home, my classes are cancelled, so what about me? 

Where do I go from here? I've spent the last week thinking hard, what do I want to achieve, what is stopping me from achieving those goals? After ALOT of soul searching and procrastination (we all love abit of that don't we??) I realised the only thing stopping me from achieving those goals was me, not the broken laptop, the cancelled classes, the lockdown, just me. So here I am. I am hoping you will join me on this journey, I promise I won't ramble like this every post, I do promise I will share copius photos of Chewie, of the views from my window, of my messy craft desk and hopefully some crafty things that might inspire you or you might just like. I don't promise you to set your world on fire, but I hopefully might make the odd day a little brighter for you.

I will finish this by a shameless plug of telling you any crafty things I share with you are available to purchase from my online store, also if you are tempted to order something make sure you take advantage of the current Sale-a-bration offer. Also I have a small team of Happy Crafters and if you too would like to become a Stampin' Up Demonstrator then I would love to have you in my team. Plug over. Hopefully I haven't bored you too much and I will leave you with a photo of the adorable Chewie.
As always, Happy Crafting


  1. Loved it Hayley and love your spirit. So so proud of you😘

  2. Well done, Hayley! As I was reading through it, I could hear you speaking to me.... Brilliant! 👏

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